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About Us

SPL DYNAMICS is a registered Finnish car audio trademark owned by Flextron Oy.

Flextron Oy was founded in 1978. Our main line of business is importing and distributing
car audio products. The car-hifi branch has always been one of our main product groups.
In the 1990's the car-hifi group started growing and that woke up an idea of
a new Finnish car audio brand.

It had become a time to develop a completely new Finnish car hifi brand and so the brand
SPL DYNAMICS was born in the fall 1996. The variety and technical level of the product
range was considered a long time and so we came up with a wide selection which has
high quality products both for competition use and for the demanding enthusiasts.

Our product range consists of Class-D Digital subwoofer amplifiers, conventional Class-AB
amplifiers, subwoofers, component sets, coaxial speakers and installation accessories.
You can easily find a suitable solution from our wide range whether your goal is to
just improve your system's sound quality with a small budget, a heavy duty
show system, or anything else between these two.

The brand SPL DYNAMICS was presented to the public for the first time in 1998 at the
Helsinki Fair Center during the American Car Show 1998. SPL DYNAMICS had it's own
stand at the American Car Show 1998. After that, SPL DYNAMICS, with the impressive
democars, has been strongly visible in several Car Hifi events around Finland.

The brand SPL DYNAMICS has been received with great enthusiasm. The success of the
competitors in dB Drag Racing using SPL DYNAMICS products has exceeded all
expectations. This has helped to build a good reputation for the brand. Because
of the hard engineering work and excellent products, SPL DYNAMICS became
in short time the top-selling car audio brand in Finland.

Best regards

Mr. Seppo Ohra-aho
Flextron Oy